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21 hilarious packages designed to lift your mood

Spreading happiness is¬†easy¬†‚ÄĒ all you need is¬†a¬†bit of¬†humor and creativity! The designers of¬†these eye-catching products definitely know how to¬†make customers smile. Cool and imaginative packaging makes all the difference¬†‚ÄĒ few people can resist inspecting such unusual-looking goods more closely. Yet another example that proves the wisdom of¬†the ‚ÄôLove what you¬†do, do¬†what you love‚Äô motto!

Always keen on making the world a sunnier place, Loopfy gladly publishes this wonderful selection of design masterpieces and wishes everyone a great week!

A pack of buns

A Honey Hunter jar

A pack of noodles


A box of Japanese Kokeshi dolls-inspired matches

An IF BAGS rope package

A set of kid-friendly milk cartons

An earphone package from Sony

These cakes make you think twice about eating between meals!


Chocolate for men



A Shirokuma rice package

A miniature printer

A Beehive Honey Squares package


A set of plastic coffee cups


A throat lozenge from Ricola

A ’Le Lait’ milk carton

A Japanese bun package

A milk carton from Mikos

A Trident chewing gum pack

A gnome baguette

A cheeky ketchup bottle design

A ’My Crazy Aunt’ duster

Source: brightside

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