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12 People So Dumb It Should Be Illegal

We see a lot of dumbness every day on the internet – since the online world has allowed more communication than ever before in human history, it would follow naturally that it’s allowed more dumb opinions and stupid logic too. But sometimes people are SO DUMB on the internet that it baffles us – here are 12 individuals who really, truly make us fear for the future of humanity.

1. Back to the Future Day (October 21st, 2015) was appropriately confusing for the Biffs of the world.


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2. I’m sick of my tax dollars refurbishing McDonald’s!

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3. Just reading this post is costing you 2 gallons of internet.


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4. 19% percentile? That means I’m in the top 81%!


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5. Why every celebrity should have someone else managing their social media accounts…


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6. Oh, honey…


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7. Brexit was apparently more confusing than anyone could have guessed.


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8. This…this is a (stupid) work of art.


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9. If water has oxygen in it, why do I keep drowning in the ocean? OWNED.


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10. Kinda messed up how there was no way to call in an emergency before 2001.


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11. Weird how the mafia shows up every time I wanna look at porn.


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12. It’s…it’s beautiful…


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