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Chicken Lover Tweeted Himself Having Sex With A McChicken

‘It’s the internet,’ I said. ‘I’ve seen everything,’ I said. This video couldn’t be that shocking, but as I scrolled through Twitter, looking for this infamous video that set the internet ablaze, I really wish I hadn’t.

We’ve all seen some things, but nothing really gets you quite ready for a dude sticking his erection into a McDonald’s McChicken and masturbating with it, while in his room. The man’s Twitter handle was @McDonaldsChiraq and his account has since been suspended, but the video lives on.

There’s a re-tweeted video at the bottom of this post, but I’m going to ease you in with some reactions, from which you then can decide for yourself if you really want to keep scrolling.

All right, guys.


It’s coming.


Last chance to turn around and live your life.


I warned you, but…


Here it is.

Source: foodbeast

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