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Guy Claims He Gets Girls to Show Their Boobs Using Pokemon Go

First thing I am going to say is….. BULLSHIT! Since we post a lot of bullshit we are just going to go with it. We got a weird email from someone claiming they could get any girl to show their breasts. After opening it he stated he uses his maxed out Pokemon Go account to get girls to show their boobs. First off… these are good looking girls who most like don’t give a fuck about Pokemon Go.1471716403-4706-pokemon-go-1-1-3

Now maybe if he would have submitted one or two girls the story could have been believable but  this little chode claimed he got multiple girls to take their clothes off for Pokemon.

With no explanation of how exactly he got them to show their boobs, I am sure he meant he just had to flash his maxed out Pokemon to them and they ripped their clothes right off.

Here they are…




So don’t tell the kid but we reversed image searched the photos and some of them date back as far as 6 months ago when Pokemon Go didn’t even exist.




Below are more fake story pics….

As dudes… we understand the story is not real but we will still take this oppurtunity to show some pixelated titties.




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