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What Your Swimsuit Says About You!

There are different types of swimsuits available for both men and women. Swimsuits made for woman are known as thongs, bikinis or one-piece. Even after this there are a lot of varieties available for suits whereas men’s suit is known as board shorts, jammers, swim trunks, g-stings and thongs.

Check out what your swimsuit says about you.

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Do You Fell Swollen?


This is the only way you can show you hot body and also don’t need to your midriff.

I Am Already Taken!


Who cares? You are married and you don’t need to show off now.

Momma’s Suit.


You definitely know what to wear after you have a baby but still you enjoy watching hot girls in the magazine wearing those sexy bikinis.

The European


You are a European otherwise you won’t wear this.

Not Really A Swimmer


You haven’t gone for swimming since ages.


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