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How To Stop Being Shopaholic! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‰



Itโ€™s the most wide spread problem among women, and itโ€™s not that easy to fight this illness.


Ask yourself if all clothes that you have is used by you. The same thing about cosmetic and accessories. If you donโ€™t use it anymore, give it away your friend or someone else.


Before you go shopping make a list what you need. Take money that you need for items on your list.

Useless Things

You will be sure the 6th white shirt is necessary, especially if it has a low price, but itโ€™s nothing but a good marketing. Things that have sale sign are those items that were not sold in time or theyโ€™re rejected. You should love yourself and stop buying bad things.


Leave all your bank cards at home and set a limitation option on your credit card. A lot of women can buy something even when they donโ€™t have money. You use a credit card and put yourself on the path of debts.

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